Get it out of your system, people.



From a 30-second video of a large fish eating a smaller fish:

Why does it always come back to Canada?

Damning with Faint Praise

From an Indy Star story about a guy who found Tony Dungy’s credit card at a gas station, and returned it to him:

Internet commenter news, vol. 1

Baseball Prospectus announces a new comment feature, and makes some lucid observations about ensuring comment quality:

In our experience both with community features on web sites and old-school Usenet newsgroups, people who take their online identities seriously provide a high level of discussion quality, and many or even most of those people identify themselves by their actual names.

My favorite part, though, is their breakdown of user behavior on sites where user names can be easily changed from thread to thread:

Of course, Penny Arcade has previously noted the correlation between anonymity and assholery.

Why Canadians are fat

It’s always fascinating to see how the most innocuous YouTube videos can spawn some of the most hateful flame wars on the internet. I screengrabbed this a while back:

The video that prompted this clusterfuck of gay-bashing and xenophobia? Live concert footage from the Canadian band Rush. I really have no idea what happened here.

Incidentally, RightWingPatriot needs to fact-check some of his claims: no one really knows why Canadians are fat.


From Jonathan Martin’s Politico Blog, on a post about Jimmy Carter criticizing John McCain for “milking” his POW story:

THIS IS MY ONLY POSTING ON THIS MATTER AT 6:52 PM NO OTHERS ARE MINE! Jimmy (Hamas) Carter, the mentor of THE – MILLIONAIRE – PROMPTER READING – FLIM FLAM OBAMAMAN – BETTER KNOWN AS – BARACK (HEBREW) BARRY (AMERICAN) HUSSEIN (ARAB) SOETORO (?) OBAMA (AFRICAN) – is a low life excuse for an ex-President of the United States. We were unfortunate to have had to endear (4) failed years of his Presidency and now we have to endear his constant stupidity! He went over to the Middle East and met with Hamas – enemies of our ally Israel. Told them highly confidential presidential information about the weaponry of Israel – he is a traitor in my book right up there with John Kerry. He has no impact on me on what he says or any subject at any time! He is a disgrace to our country! DEFINITION OF “FLIM FLAM” BY MERRIAM-WEBSTER ON-LINE: DECEPTION, FRAUD, DOUBLE DEALING.

Posted By: Eileen | August 28, 2008 at 06:52 PM

I like how she prefaces this masterpiece by assuring us that this is the only Authentic Eileen Comment on the matter. We can only assume that all others are just charlatans, trading on her good name.

Also: that second sentence is a syntactical abortion.